Sunday, September 28, 2008

Power cosumption using Jtrana

WSN is one routing protocol algorithm that depend on battery as power supply. Every strategy of routing protocol need to plan in order to save battery power as much as possible. This is because of by focus on energy consumption we can ensure the live spend of battery will be prolong. However to save battery energy it got limitation where average delay and throughput for the network must in acceptable range. But for let we see what existing routing algorithm can give in order to save power consumption.

Here there are some example simulation and result show power consumption by Jtrana:

Here node 0 where act as access point to collect data from common node

Here example one of common node where the power consumption less than access point
We are now compare between three routing algorithm, we are only focus on access point because from our observation show access point will always use large of energy consumption. So we make it more than other common nodes.


I'm a student who is trying to simulate the WSN environment using ns2. However, i need a simple example to jump start my small research. I have been searching on google but can't find anything that is relevant. Can you point me in the right direction to find such example on WSN?I'll be very grateful and thank you very much in advance.

ok, for my scrip I just use mannasim add-ons on NS-2, so you try first it, see if you have any promblem to use it you can ask me, ok for now...?

Thank you for returning to my comment that soon. I've manage to get mannasim up and running. However, I can't really understand the documentation in "using mannasim".Is there any other documentation that explain in detail on how to use mannasim?Again google failed on me. For your information I've install NS2.29 in windows using cygwin and is still unfamiliar with NS2.Thank you in advance.

ok, now you go cygwin/home/ns-allinone/ns-2.29/mannasim/TclScriptGeneratorTool

then after that you just double click on msg-win32.bat
after that one gui will appear so you can generate tour own environment

ok can I have some of your detail, like your name, where you are come from, which universiti???

Hello sir

i ahve insttaled 2.29.3 with mannasim patch on ubuntu 10.04

when i unpack MannaSim Framework tar.gz file in to ns-2.29 folder

and run ./configure and make command
i got error as
mannasim/leach/mac/leach-wireless-phy.o: In function `hdr_rca:ffset()':[hdr_rca:ffset()]+0x4): undefined reference to `hdr_rca:ffset_'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [ns] Error 1

i want to know how to use script generator tool. plz provide me some basic tcl script for wsn. i am new to WSN and ns2
its urgent . plz reply soon

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