Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New swarm intelligent algorithm will be implement

After attend talk by Prof. Abbas Jamalipour at UPM today then I got inspire from his speech. It was about new algorithm on swarm intelligent technique to solve network problem. One of the method is how Bee worker communicate with each other and how their distribute their job like queen bee, worker bee, soldier bee & etc. He also tell about another method which is ant algorithm & how the way they searching path or route to their food. So I will try to propose implement his idea to my new algorithm, perhaps it can solve some issue...

New algorithm give a lot off effect on dropped packet

After I satisfy for extended life time for battery of WSN router. It also need to look up on dropped packet using trace graph. Then I realize that when certain node is push to sleep mode if I cannot reroute properly than a lot of dropped packet will happen. He I show that quite a lot of dropped packet compare than other routing protocol.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

New algorithm with more than 3000 sec.

I try new algorithm with more than 3000 sec. it was suggested by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norashidah. Then suddenly I saw that my algorithm is not good enough to save energy for long term utilization. Then I do some modification that to be fair for all intermediate nodes. So I come out with new method where every intermediate node will have same time of sleep. To calculate that we record when 1'st node come to sleep then until the last node start to sleep. So the same duration will apply to other intermediate nodes.
Some sort like this:

∑ sleep time = Time last node sleep - Time 1'st node sleep
Time node i wake up = Time node i sleep + ∑ sleep time

Then the result change where new method can save more energy compare with other routing protocol.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

AWK file solution for JTrana

Last mid night while working with Zul, I just only thinking how to solve problem of wasting time waiting JTrana process. The problem is when we want to show energy graph it take about half to 1 day for analyzing trace file. Like example when I set simulation time until 3000 second then size the trace file increase up to 0.5 Gbyte produce long time to analyze. Then our greatest sifu Zul come to introduce how to use AWK file. Then after few basic step he teach me, I realize that with AWK script file can solve problem waiting from 1 day become few second. I so wonderful, how most great Allah introduce someone like him to me.

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