Thursday, November 19, 2009

Formula for GA iteration

Today I understand how Genetic Algorithm work where it can give solution. It start with a problem where we need to identify how we can come out with solution. I have some guideline where to start with:
  1. Encoding of the problem in binary string.
  2. Random generating of a population. This one includes a genetic pool representing a group of possible solution.
  3. Reckoning of a fitness value for each subject. It will directly depend on the distance of optimum.
  4. Selection of the subjects that will mate according to their share in the population global fitness.
  5. Genomes crossover and mutations.
  6. And then start again from point 3.

For now I need to try some example that related with GA. My focus now is understanding the GA operation itself and to know how GA can help me using optimization method to find my solution. Example each node that I need to force to sleep mode will represent by a bit. Bit 1 represent a node in active mode and bit 0 will represent node that in sleeping mode. With this all bit representative can build one chromosome. With this chromosome it can start with GA operation that will come with new offspring. This new offspring can be test with a formula or simulation that can give result where it was good chromosome or bad chromosome.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First day in NTU


It was great to foot step myself in NTU. First thing need to do was preparing the slide presentation for brieft introduction my research to NTU supervisor and suddently he want to change the title for attachment project, so that it can suite with my research. It is good thing because I dont need to waste my time to study other algorithm that not related with my research. Straight away do my research here with under attachment supervisor monitoring. Here some picture that shooting during walking to ministry of man power, Singapore.

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