Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First day in NTU


It was great to foot step myself in NTU. First thing need to do was preparing the slide presentation for brieft introduction my research to NTU supervisor and suddently he want to change the title for attachment project, so that it can suite with my research. It is good thing because I dont need to waste my time to study other algorithm that not related with my research. Straight away do my research here with under attachment supervisor monitoring. Here some picture that shooting during walking to ministry of man power, Singapore.


bacana seu blog... passa no meu depois!

Cakap melayulah, apa ni tak faham, jgn cakap sepanyol kat sini ...

ha ha ha. congrats taufiq. u r surely doing great there! ;)

thank sumay congrat for you new job ...

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