Saturday, January 31, 2009

Library modular define in C short course

Last week I attend short course teached by our sifu Madam Marina, she was one of C programming sifu in CoIT. It was very nice to know how library modular define work. One long program can be divide by 3 main file:
  1. Header file (for global variable, function declaration, constant)
  2. Application file (for main body)
  3. Implementation file (for function definition)
Each of this file have their own function to make the program more easier. If you interested to learn you can log in Here

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dropped packet for new routing strategy but still maintain same as existing RP

Again I look on dropped packet for new energy strategy give same amount dropped packet with DSDV routing algorithm. So here I can conclude that our new strategy is still not bad. This is 1'st our objective achievement where we concentrating improvement on energy. The result:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New energy routing strategy give side effect on packet delay

After I try new energy routing strategy on my simulation environment that can give advantage on remaining energy. But then when I look at packet delay show that new strategy effected. It is because after one or two intermediate nodes in sleep mode where data from source node have to go through long way until reach access point. Here the result:

We can see 3 out of 5 nodes the new algorithm is better which is node1, node 2 and node 7 but two more nodes effected cause of new energy routing strategy. So now I need to fine another way that can improve in this problem...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Energy saving strategy worked ... !

After I start testing our energy strategy on simulation environment. We can see from 1'st result that show some improvement on energy saving on remaining energy. Then after compare with original simulation without energy strategy, our claim that it can prolong energy life time of battery.

Further more there is need to check whether this energy strategy can ensure network performance always in good condition...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flow chart new method

Today I want to introduce new method in energy saving strategy. It was focus on intermediate node, where each node rotating shift sleep mode due to prolong remaining energy. Here I show where we got 2 level of energy threshold value where 70% and 35% of remaining energy. Any intermediate node will change to sleep mode when 70% of remaining energy or level 1 threshold value accord. But if all intermediates node exceed level 1 threshold value, the threshold value itself will change to level 2 threshold value where until 35% of remaining energy. Then the same process apply to intermediate node.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Set node to idle/sleep state

To further our routing algorithm, there is need to do some saving energy where the specific node can be force to sleep or idle modes. Our focus is in intermediate node where the node will always exhaust energy because of forwarding data from source node to destination node. But working with NS-2 with physical layer mac 802.11 there is no basic command that can set node to be sleep/idle. The node itself can sleep/idle when there no activity sending or receive data on node. So there is need to figure out some alternative way to make the node force to sleep.

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