Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Set node to idle/sleep state

To further our routing algorithm, there is need to do some saving energy where the specific node can be force to sleep or idle modes. Our focus is in intermediate node where the node will always exhaust energy because of forwarding data from source node to destination node. But working with NS-2 with physical layer mac 802.11 there is no basic command that can set node to be sleep/idle. The node itself can sleep/idle when there no activity sending or receive data on node. So there is need to figure out some alternative way to make the node force to sleep.


Comelnyyeee gambar!!~

Memanglah, aku mesti nak pilih yg comel²je ...

hahahaahahaha..since i cudn't understand all ur stuffs too, i just wanted to comment on e photos...heheehe...great taste! ;)


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