Saturday, January 17, 2009

Energy saving strategy worked ... !

After I start testing our energy strategy on simulation environment. We can see from 1'st result that show some improvement on energy saving on remaining energy. Then after compare with original simulation without energy strategy, our claim that it can prolong energy life time of battery.

Further more there is need to check whether this energy strategy can ensure network performance always in good condition...


Great result! Wish you luck. You are a step nearer to your graduation day...

Thank, this is nothing, my project have 3 objective, this only one of them two more to come, anyway how your project?

Taufiq!!~ Ni dah boleh hantar journal kat USA ni!! Mari2!!~ FOC ok! Congrats!!~

yeke, tapi bukan boleh pergi pun....

taufiq, mantap aah... !! Salute!

mana ada mantap, tadi waktu proposal defence kena hentam gila² dgn dr. ong

taufiq...everyone's sending u a positif vibration...accept it...allow's e secret to success;)

Sure you are, always in secret, btw your truly my great friend ever, thank you for every thing

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