Sunday, January 11, 2009

Flow chart new method

Today I want to introduce new method in energy saving strategy. It was focus on intermediate node, where each node rotating shift sleep mode due to prolong remaining energy. Here I show where we got 2 level of energy threshold value where 70% and 35% of remaining energy. Any intermediate node will change to sleep mode when 70% of remaining energy or level 1 threshold value accord. But if all intermediates node exceed level 1 threshold value, the threshold value itself will change to level 2 threshold value where until 35% of remaining energy. Then the same process apply to intermediate node.


great job indeed! ;)

thank sumay, sure you are inspire me to go on in my research

Well done to your blog. I just started NS-2 for my research. My friend found your blog online. She introduced me this blog and I find it very informative!~ Keep up your good work... good luck.

Thank you, so what should I call you? coco oreo? welcome to group, anything that can I help you or you can help me? hahaha

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