Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New swarm intelligent algorithm will be implement

After attend talk by Prof. Abbas Jamalipour at UPM today then I got inspire from his speech. It was about new algorithm on swarm intelligent technique to solve network problem. One of the method is how Bee worker communicate with each other and how their distribute their job like queen bee, worker bee, soldier bee & etc. He also tell about another method which is ant algorithm & how the way they searching path or route to their food. So I will try to propose implement his idea to my new algorithm, perhaps it can solve some issue...


taufiqqq!!~ i want to go to the talk!!~ dr. norashidah said it's interesting! huhu...

why now, you are late, then how?

hehe.. taufiq wat swarm intelligent tu!! go taufiq go!

It was like bio algorithm, by looking to ant, bee etc. If you want to know more you need to come to My Secret

thanks :)

yeah for what?

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