Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tips due preparation for conference technical paper

have done a progress presentation last week. During presentation Mr. Fairuz where he is coordinator of RA seminar suggested when every simulation and result achieve during our research work, after that we need to put on one A4 paper then give some explanation on it. Then if we want to publish on several conference, we can just choose which result need to include for respective conference, so that we can publish 2 or 3 conference in the same time, I think is good to us to apply the tips on our research management. Peace...


Wahhh!!!~ Jelesnyeee!! U'll be writing a lot of paper every now n then nanti, sgt menjeleskan!!

GREAT! thanx for sharing;).. let us all produce looadss of papers;)
Btw, Taufiq, i do hv my own blog on my research, pass me ur mail. I'll add u, it's just that e blog has been left un'updated' for long.....huhu;p

Thank for your comment, setelah sekian lama baru ada orang nak comment, thank you every one for supporting me....

Yeah..we will all grace towards success. One success will always inspire the other;)

Whatever it is your foot step always be inspire for all of us...

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