Monday, September 1, 2008

Introduction Protoname routing algorithm

I want give some brief explanation about main important point in protoname routing algorithm there was 5 file we need to build up where there are:

  2. protoname.h
  4. protoname_rtable.h
  5. protoname_pkt.h

All these files got their own function...

Then it also need to configure other file to declare all new file that we added before like example:

  1. packet.h
  2. cmu-trace.h
  4. ns-packet.tcl
  5. ns-default.tcl
  6. ns-lib.tcl
  8. Makefile

After that we just can execute make and the new routing protocol should work in our NS-2 simulation..

You can get protoname file Here


can share with me file?? I have compilation problem. Hope your copy would help. Thank you! Email me at

You collect by your self at link as posted...

Don't ever forget to say thank you very much

Thank you very much...

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