Monday, October 6, 2008

Application for MSTC 2008 conference accepted

I got receive email wrote like this:

"The Steering Committee has vet through your abstract and accepted your paper for presentation at MSTC 2008. However due to limited slots for oral presentation, the Steering Committee will be finalizing the status of oral papers by the 31 October 2008. You will be notified by the Secretariat if your paper is accepted for the Oral presentation."

So my paper has accepted for these conference, wow... I'm so happy right now, hopefully there have any slot for me, Thank Allah for Your kindness, AlhamduillLah syukur...


Congratssss!!!!~ Hope all of us got the slots and lets kill for the presentation!!!

tahniah.. hebat mung nih!

Thank everyone, ok lets kill for survive yeah...

Don't kill me..hoho~

well yeah..let's do the Best & Beat the Rest !!!

chaiyok~ ;)

I mean by killing like hunter, in here we hunt knowledge, ok sumay why I have to kill you, you are very nice person...

that was just meant to b a joke;p

hahaha very funny...?

yes, kill ....
let's kill someone....


boss tabik, kita orang gurau² jee...

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