Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jtrana trace analyzer

Now still doing on the evaluation on mannasim script, where it can generate TcL script file and after that just run on it and produce trace file. But when we are evaluating on the trace file, it come out with a lot of drop from the node.

Currently I have change to Jtrana. Jtrana is better than previous trace analyzer where it can show the power consumption on the node.


i have java and sql installed on my pc. when i am launching the run.bat file in the jtrana folder, i need to input username and password.

I used the password i created while installing sql and used "root" as username.

But the problem is that each time it says "wrong username or password".

Please help me to how successfully log into the Mysql to eventually using jtrana.


uninstall back Mysql and re-install back and dont forget you password ...

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