Friday, July 18, 2008

DSDV routing protocol on 10 nos. of nodes

Now I try the same situation before but a bit of modification on type of routing protocol and size of area. DSDV routing protocol; it is not big reason for me to change the area size but just only to see the difference between of them. There are:

1.Scenery size400 meters X 400 meters
2.Transmission range200 meters
3.No. of node9 nodes (8 common nodes & 1 sink node)
4.Routing ProtocolDSDV

On this time from the simulation, we can see not all of the nodes generated the packet.

From figure above node no. 3 & 4 not activate to generate packet.

Also not many of intermediate nodes involve forwarding packet.

But quite much of packet generated can arrive to the access point.

Still we can see most of the packet dropped on network.

Next I will change try on environment with more no. of nodes (it is up to 25 no. of nodes) and but again with DSDV routing protocol.


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