Saturday, July 19, 2008

DSDV routing protocol with 25 nos. of nodes

Another testing conduct with DSDV routing protocol and increased the number of nodes. From the result show some difference behaviour happen. The simulation environment is:

1.Scenery size400 meters X 400 meters
2.Transmission range200 meters
3.No. of node25 nodes (24 common nodes & 1 sink node)
4.Routing ProtocolDSDV

Result from the scenario show with DSDV always generate data to all nodes. But the total of amount packet generate not consistent and most nodes not much contribute to generate packet.

From figure above only 3 nodes manage generate more than 4000 packet. Now we try to see whether the three nodes most generate packet have relationship with forwarding packet.

There are several relation ship about the node there are:

This may be give some clue about forwarding packet...

From the result show not much packet manage to receive at access point, this what we want to figure about?

A lot of dropped packet, more than 8000 packet so, this what we want to avoid of.


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