Sunday, September 6, 2009

Confirmation of acceptance from NTU Univ.

Last week I received a letter from Chair of Research of NTU, wrote like this:

Dear Mohd Taufiq

Attached please find the scan copy of the approved letter.
The Original Copy has been sent to you via normal airmail.
Please keep a close look out then.


Ms Len Ah Chan
for A/P Lee Bu Sung, Francis
Associate Chair (Research)

This is my great opportunity to study at oversea, I mean even do Singapore is just very near to Malaysia, since it was not Malaysian, can be assume at oversea level. It's ok better than nothing right ...


congrats! best gils!!!~

Thank, but this is nothing compare to you

wah...bagus nih...tahniah2...
btw...slamat hari raya! :)

Thank adi for the compliment

congratulationss~! i forgot to xplain, FAST means for me to speed up! Now mean i hv to complete anytime NOW! MAsters means masters. cheers;) that's clear rite?lets all continue to spread e positif vibration & only focus on that! happy raya all~! maaaf zahir batin;)

that ok sumay, cool ~

update on ur attachment at NTU soon~ !

ok dont worry, I'll start post something when I reach there ...

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