Friday, August 7, 2009

Plan to do attachment program at Singapore Univ.

As student sponsor by NSF, I was allowed to do attachment at any other University to get more experience and increase learning curve during studies. For master student we are allow only at Malaysia and Singapore Univ. only while for PhD student unlimited to any Univ. in the world. I do some finding on University at Singapore. There are NUS and NTU. So I choose NTU because this university more focus on technology area compare with NUS.

One lecture ware interested to supervise me during attachment program, he was Asst Prof Low Yoke Hean Malcolm. His area of specialization on optimization of traveling salesman problem, job shop scheduling and resource scheduling. Hope fully everything run smoothly ...


salam bro...sory arr x calling2 masa g KL aritu...masa suntuk sngt...xpe nti aku akan g KL lg...pape pun salam ramadhan!

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