Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ICSECS'09 paper conference secure uploaded

Yesterday after having reviewed by Madam Azlina for these paper, she make correction to a few mistake that I have made. The paper secure uploaded to respective conference website. I hope this paper can be accepted without any problem. As I know Faridzul groups also will be submitting one paper here. I also hope that I can go there to present my paper together with other group. It will be held at Spa Swiss Garden Resort, Kuantan, it was just lovely place to relax after struggle to complete this paper. Enjoy ...


Al Salamo Alikom
I am proud of you
And Jazak Allah Kheran for your blog, sharing and Quraan :)
Hope all good for you
your sister in Islam
Mariam from Egypt

Thank you Madam Mariam ...
what can I do for you for return ... ?

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