Friday, May 15, 2009

ICOCI 09 paper sponsored ready

Last week I receive mail wrote:

Dear Sir/Madam
We refer to the above matter. We are pleased to inform you that Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia will be sending 1) Mr. Mohd Taufiq Norhizat to attend the above conference. We would appreciate if you send us your confirmation of our registration for our further action. Kindly please forward us the Invoice for the payment as soon as possible. We will process after receiving the original invoice.
Any inquiries regarding the above matter, you may contact:

Telephone No. : (603) 89212020 ext 1252/1257
(Attn: Ms Nor Azira/ Ms Raihana)

It show me that my paper was sponsored by university for respective conference which it will be held at The Legend Hotel KL in June, 24 to 25 2009. This is the great opportunity for me and then I can add one more conference proceeding for my collection. For your information I was one of presenter in this conference as my third paper conference in hand and also not forgotten along together with me at there was 4 people from my group project come as normal participant some sort of "pemerhati" for our work. Just for now what I need to prepare is my conference slide presentation.
That all thank you


haiyoo!!~ banyaknye dah paper. good luck taufiq. eyh, mane kamu menghilang? lame tak nampak kat lab?

Saya kena pecat 24 jam, apa lah bagilah kerja sebulan dulu dalam offer letter bagi hak saya one month notice

Kite kan selalu dianak tirikan. huhu.. sabar2. ape2pun good luck untuk paper nanti ok?

Taufiq, sorry. I have not met you for some time. Glad to be reading bout ur masters progress. U hv all our support regarding ur NSF matters, u will surely suceed, no wurries. thou i m not much related, bout we r still in the same 'masters' bout~. strive for the best till the end! ;)

* 'masters' boat

master in life boat rescue

ahaks. sempat lg buat lawaks tuh;p

I mean you know I got time ...

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