Friday, June 26, 2009

ICOCI 09 conference at The Legend Hotel KL

This week the ICOCI 09 conference was held at The Legend Hotel KL and it was my 3'rd conference that I was attended. During my presentation one of the audience was so impressed with my project. It was good opportunity to meet with other researchers from other university. All of them presented with good presentation. Then I also join other session to learn some thing new about new technique especially some thing that related with Genetic Algorithm which that I want to use it for my next algorithm.


Need your help please.
I want to elect cluster heads with the residual energy of the nodes within clusters.
So i want to get the residual energy of the nodes within clusters in Decide_cluster_head LEACH procedure .

please give me some advice how should i do if i want to get this parameter.

looking for your reply soon.

Dear adon, 1'st I never try on leach. At the moment I still trying how to use leach protocol in ns-2. I just give tips you turn off when sleep time and turn on when awake. you can find it at ns2.29/common/ is that ok?

Hello tawfiq ,
Tk u for your reply.
I'm using mannasim ns-2 module extension.
So i have found that we can get the energy in ns-2 by using :

Node *node = Node::get_node_by_address( node_id );
printf(" Energy of Node %d : %f ", node_id, node->energy_model()->energy() );

but i still wonder how we can get this under mannasim ( using W.henzelman energy consumption model )

Dear Sir,

If you can give me some help, please.
I am new beginner in ns-2 and I want to create my own routing protocol for sensor networks by configuring the topology on layers.

So I think I should amended
The Sink starts this process (nodeid = 0), broadcast packets containing its own hopcount to its neighbors (the range = 80), which will increase their hopcount, and transmits the packet until all nodes have their hopcount value set (I tried to use the
Euclidean distance to chose the min hopcount ).
at the end of the setup process.
How I can get the number of nodes in each layer.
and how each node must know its list of neighboor ....

Please, sir, how I can do this .
What are the functions at create and the parameter to use .

thank you in advance and sory

Ramadan karim

you can use this formula:
RXThresh_ = [(transmit power) * (transmit antena height)² * (receive antena height)²]/[(distance)^4]

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