Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Programmer-defined Library

Now I want to concentrate on how to create our own algorithm, some detail need to clearify i.e. what thing need to implement for our algorithm. Working in NS-2 there are limitation thing we can do in TcL language. But for our case we need to edit in C++ method where new library to be introduce.
We create our own programmer-define libraries to further modularize our program. Some brief about programmer-defined library. In library contain some general purpose function that we aspect to use in future application. Then after we clarify them pun in one library and implement them, we can use in other projects, just we use in standard library functions in many other programs.


Fiq...btw my wife pun buat research dalam WSN...guna NS2..I'll introduce this site to her...k

-Nor Rizal Osman-

Pakcik Kayos, wow cemana engkau boleh jumpa blog aku nie, hahaha...
You are welcome here, then do you have any blog, then I can list on my friend list, ok...
Unfortunately aku buat research yg sama, minta tolonglah sikit, aku dah tepu nie dah tak tau nak buat apa dah hehe... sorry

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