Friday, August 1, 2008

Instal Xandros on SATA based PC

Mr. Farizul found DVD that contain latest Xandros version 4.5, that can work and support on SATA based PC. I try to install with new PC and finally I successful installed. Thank to Mr. Farizul doing searching on it. The performance for new Xandros, in new PC is very good. With Pentium Core 2 Duo come along with 4G Byte RAM can give NS-2 simulation very fast. The next problem is the trace file produced by simulation take longer time to analyze, especially trace from mannasim script generator. Sometime trace file take around 1 or 2 days to complete. I want to try on server if it can analyze more fast than PC.


I using Mannasim for research and I have a lot of work to process mannasim trace files. Do you get some tools for a faster processing?
Do you already understand all info that mannasim trace files give?

Thanks for any help.

Dear Daniel, sorry not to update about these information, after I try on server then the result still same 1 or 2 day needed, so now I want to try on PC that have 8GByte RAM. Hopefully that can show something good. But now I dont have friend or someone around have that PC can you look for me than if you have got the result can tell me, thank...
The information from trace file was new trace type. then to see throughput need formular to filter other that not need. To be easy just use Jtrana or Tracegraph software, it that help you?

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